When purchasing Reeflords’ selected tenanted units, Invest-Assist helps investors to navigate the property investment journey with clear guidelines and ease, so they don’t get side-tracked.

The purpose of the product is to assist property investors to start their investment portfolio with Reeflords on a hassle-free note. Purchase any Reeflords’ hand-picked tenanted units in order to receive Invest-Assist offerings.

Who is this product for?

  • First-time Investors
  • Small-scale Investors
  • Passive-income Seekers

Why Choose Invest-Assist?

Rent Guarantees

Abscondment Guarantees

Credit-worthy Tenants in Place

Above Market Average Rental Yield

Free Rental Management Education

Free Advice on Investment

Rental Management Pack

Benefits of Invest-Assist

Rental Insurance Cover

  • It covers up to 6-months of rental loss due to non-payment from tenants
  • It includes up to R120 000 legal fee relating to eviction process
  • It also provides up to 3-months of rental loss due to abscondment of tenants, i.e. tenant terminates the lease prior to expiry of the lease period (T’s and C’s apply)

Monthly Invest-Assist Webinar

  • Reeflords’s investor clients can enjoy free online 1-hour webinar with Reeflords’s property experts on how to screen and manage tenanted properties
  • Q & A session to ask and answer any investment/rental related questions

Rental Management Pack

A Rental Management Pack that every investor needs to kick-start the journey. For example:

  • Lease agreement template
  • Inspection sheet
  • Letter of demand
  • Notice of cancellation
  • And so much more…


1. Can all Reeflords’ tenanted units qualify for rental cover?

No. Only the premium tenanted units qualify.

2. Is the selling price higher than the units without Invest-Assist service?

No. Units are sold at original prices. Invest-Assist is a value-added service. Available promo code still applies.

3. Is the new owner liable for insurance premium on the ceded lease after registration?

No. Reeflords pays for the insurance premium until the expiry of the ceded lease agreement or until the date the ceded lease is lawfully terminated, whichever date comes first.

4. When will the purchaser take over the rental cover?

Upon registration of the property.

5. Can landlord send Letter of Demand to tenant if the tenant is late for payment?

No. Letter of Demand must be actioned by the appointed attorneys. Actioning on your own will nullify the cover.

6. When must I lodge a claim if the tenant is in arrears?

Within 7 days from date of breach.

7. Is there any excess fee payable?

No excess fee payable. Excess fee will be deducted from the first month rental loss pay-out, equivalent to 50% of rental loss.

8. Until when is the new owner covered?

Until the expiry of the ceded lease agreement or until the date the lease is lawfully terminated, whichever date comes first.

9. Is landlord covered if the unit is sublet?

Yes. If the sublessee is approved by the insurance broker.

10. Is the landlord’s or tenant’s personal information protected by the insurance company?

Yes, the personal information will only be accessed for policy related purposes.

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